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Black Flame

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On a grimy gristly morning when my fears and dreams were calling

And silvered mists with tired wizened tree limbs twisted

Time-etched paths where child joys grew but now lay rested

Falling to dog-dragged footsteps I felt tested

To the ruin of a burnt eyed moon

The Black Flame came soon.


As the rain became a veil

The Black Flame motioned like a cobweb in hail

Shadows stalked in stealth behind my walking

An ice killed chill sent my teeth rattling

All light swirled towards the Flame

The void from where the Black Flame came

Grew and spread like puddles gleaming in the night

As I choked my cowardly fright

The Black Flame pointing to a cloud wimpy sky

Abstained by word or sound asked simply “why”?


I watch the Black Flame curl with air

Its empty soul less dance devoid of love nor care

Drawn I feel dread creeping near

Dread the Black Flame’s cherished heir


Spare my heart, my life, my hopes, my dreams,

Black Flame whose existence like black evil seems

 Dark your mind, fragile your loyalty to this morning stroll

Away from our experience remain without distain

Stay far away, Black Flame. 

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© Ian Scott 2009