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Science Fiction

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1. Introduction

Hi and welcome to my web chapters dedicated to science fiction literature. I admit I quite like writing and just as science is my favorite topic, science fiction is one of my favorite pastimes. Science fiction and science fact go hand in hand and fiction often precedes reality!

However I don't like much science fiction currently published. I dislike the typical nonsense about galactic federations and internal human and alien power struggles. This seems more like a boring reference to traditional history with a thrown in backdrop of science, usually mashed into a sludge of fantasy musing devoid of any physical principles. Anyone can write such rubbish and propose pseudo science that has no current basis of credibility but it takes far greater skill to write imaginative tales that could be seen as scientifically credible based on current understanding, but perhaps not yet available with current technology.

For example, faster than light travel might be possible, and we suspect that tacyons may exist and exhibit this phenomenon. Perhaps these could be used as a basis for near instantaneous communication? I prefer literature that at least provides a credible path towards its futuristic concepts rather than most of the current drivel that just parades a concept as a fact to be accepted.

I guess this is why I prefer to write articles rather than read them. I find the same with videos - most are just about macho "shoot them up" cowboy fantasies and lack any human depth and certainly any scientifically realizable content.

On the other scale, some of these works just border on the mundane and present an infinitesimal advance on what we already have in our technology arena. Once again, the first page or 30 seconds is enough to reward such brain dead material to the rubbish bin!

Although I admit that my writing skills most definitely qualify me as a new Shakespeare, or even a Mills and Boon, I still enjoy the creative process especially when it is constrained by the real world that we know or can reasonably hypothesize. In today's world we have multiple dimension "string theory", "black holes" possible "worm holes", "quantum phenomena", "big bang", "baby universes", etc. We also now know much more about what we don't know. For example, why is there so much more "dark matter" in the universe than ordinary matter? If this is true, why can't I dig some up from my back garden? Or is "dark matter" a byproduct of incorrect theories regarding gravity and the speed of light? After all, its existence is only inferred through galactic measurements propped up by conventional theories. Could these be wrong? Could the known laws of physics change with distance and time. After all, what intellectual right do we have to extrapolate our tiny, short lived local observations to an understanding of the total universe? Wouldn't this be like trying to predict what goes on in the jungles of Africa based on the behavior of out pet cat at home?

Well I guess I am a skeptic through and through. I am selective in what I believe and also what I like to imagine. Although I can accept the possibility of paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, EVP's, remote viewing, OBEs. NDE's etc I prefer literature that provides a plausible explanatory mechanism for these, however far fetched. This is far superior to mindless spiritualism in my opinion.

But then, when it comes to what I may want to buy from the ever-near shop of discount ideas, I have every right to be a selective customer!

I hope my following stories will be of interest to the scientifically minded. I intend to add more as time goes on, and have no problem presenting them in part while I generate their content.    



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