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Overall Summary: The ZTX450 NPN transistor is a high performance device from Zetex with good voltage and current handling capability, high current gain hFE > 100 at IC = 150 mA and usably high transition frequency FT > 150 MHz at IC = 50 mA. It also appears to have low switching times around 40 ns so operation in class AB at 3.7 MHz (80 M) as a 1 Watt PEP RF Power Amplifier seems feasible.


Typical current gain hFE is about 200 at IC = 150 mA.
Typical FT is about 250 MHz at IC = 50 mA.
Feedback capacitance Cobo  (presumably = Ccb ) is relatively low, suggesting good RF gain potential at FRF = 3.7 MHz.


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