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Impulse Levitation & Propulsion
Inventing Numbers At Home

So What Are These Conjecturals About?

My Conjectural web chapters contain things of interest that perhaps people have not thought too much about. Well, welcome to my web chapter of Conjecturals devoted to wonder, fascination and thought ☺. Here are contained my collections of odd-ball reasoning's and proposals for your interest...


Do you ever wonder about numbers? The Greek Philosophers did. Is 20.5 (square root of 2) where p and q are integers inside a fit of our number space? Proof by contradiction >2000 years ago

Yes we can invent new numbers - but is it simple or what is actually required? Do you want to join my treasure hunt for new and novel numbers - I have some items of interest to show

Can we make a real levitation machine that would (no not just a silly balloon) actually work? - So it would seem. Why not visit the design of my flying machine based on rectilinear motion combined with sinusoidal rotation

Can we make a SETI receiver at home, and have it actually stand a chance of success? Should we use radio or light? How much transmitter power would be needed per light year? What would the structure of a received message be "best designed" to be?

Yes, never fail to imagine!


Well maybe Daleks are going a bit too far?



I hope you have fun in my Conjecturals!

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